Have you ever been in a situation when a great book full of steps and processes you need in overcoming a challenge and having read through the book, you were clueless as to what to do with that wealth of knowledge?

Or have you ever been in the shoes of Shola, a promising entrepreneur who has spent some time following his passion, working on solutions for his target audience yet, he feels lost in the crowd, overwhelmed and for him to gain clarity, he sought help by enrolling for an online course to help, having devoured the course ravenously, he still finds himself not knowing what to do with the resource?

I bet you might be suffering from what I call ‘PARALYSIS OF ANALYSIS’.

Paralysis of Analysis (PoA) is one of the greatest enemies militating against taking prompt action on ideas conceived by self-discovery, training, learning, or mentoring.

It is a condition of your subconscious thought that makes you wait and mark the perfect time for you to act. PoA leaves you in your la-la land (dreamland)…

PoA like any enemy of your fulfillment will make you continue to look for facts, figures, statistics on that obstacle that keeps you perplexed, overwhelmed, and almost giving up entirely.

I do not encourage laziness in terms of doing proper research and getting the right statistics when embarking on a task. I am only saying that even with all your findings, learning, PoA has the capacity to render them useless if you do not shove it aside and work on your goals.

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Here’s how PoA works – it works with your thought pattern and fights vigorously against your faith system. It carefully analyses your present debacle, weighs it with your findings, learning process, acts as a judge against your present willful ability to take actions, and immediately it seems that you are not ‘firm’ with achieving your goals. It starts messing up your belief system…
Making it hard for you to take the required action leading to fulfilling your dreams.

Hence, the reason why you see yourself not starting that business is when you have just the minimum requirement to start one.

More reasons why you feel inadequate, just because you see others doing better than you are. You remain in that state of inactivity despite access to resources at your disposal to make you fulfill your God-given dreams.

PoA is at work, my dear.

PoA paralyzes your creative muscles.

It cripples your financial muscles.

It paralyzes your psychological muscles simply because it presents 1001 reasons why you cannot achieve your dreams.

PoA is a Perfectionist!!! He will always paint the picture of the right time to take that action while MAY NEVER EXIST.

In the next episode, I shall share with you the various ways you can give Paralysis of Analysis a quit notice and send it packing out of your life. I hope to write you soon.

Do have a ‘PoA’ Free Week
I love you.

Your Brother and Friend,
Hunku Alikama
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