[Live Time] I’m talking all about using a Personally Branded Facebook Group to grow your Brand and Business.

I know, I know… Not ANOTHER Facebook Group! I totally get it, but you can’t ignore the numbers and results.

Since I started my Facebook Group (The B-LAB), I’ve increased my sales by over 30%, built a community of over 31,000 people that are perfect potential customers that love our content and recommendations and now I have a built up community to make additional launch and promo offers to whenever I want. This is a true ASSET in your business.

Think about this… if you don’t have a spot to direct your people to that are tuning into your stuff… where do they go? They get lost in the Social Media sea of noise.

A Group allows you to guide them to a spot where they won’t forget you and they’ll have the chance to warm up to you, your brand, your content and your offers. You NEED a community to put your people into…. a Facebook Group is the perfect and easiest spot to do this right now.

I want to share how to set this up properly and what I’m doing to cultivate and grow this community without spending hours of your life in another group. If you have a business or products that you sell, you won’t want to miss this Live.