I know you are finding it very hard to sign up for Google Play console espeially moving ahead to the payment page. I was stucked for over 3 days until I came up with a very simple way to get this done.

It is not very hard to set up.

I will show you the steps you need to take to fix this problem in less than 60seconds

Let’s go

First, Do not access the Play Console via the normal method, It didn’t work so don’t stress yourself.

Rather, Go to Google Search or use the Search bar on your browser, whether on your phone or PC, then search for Google Play Console after which you click the ‘Sign Up for a Google Play’ as shown below or just click the first link if you want to access it on phone

Then the next page should look like this! Click on ‘Review Terms of Service’

This should pop up, then click ‘Accept’

Voila!!! You will be redirected to this page, then tick the ‘Accept terms’ and you are good to then ‘Continue to Payment

Then you are done!

Proceed to payment with your credit/debit card…


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