This one Chrome extension will boost your rankings. You don’t have to be a SEO genius to optimize your site for Google, you just need to use tools out there that are at your fingertips.



But there’s an issue. Even if you have the tools out there, over time, you’ll forget and stop using them. So what do you do? Well, you can use a Chrome extension that ties in with your daily habits.

Look, every day you use Google or close to every other day. Heck, you probably use it multiple times a day, because roughly 5.6 billion searches happen on Google each day. That’s why I want you to go and download the Ubersuggest Chrome extension. That way, when you browse the site or perform searches on Google, you’ll find opportunities to boost your Google rankings. So let’s go over how you can boost your rankings using the Ubersuggest Chrome extension, which is free, by the way.

First, when you do a Google search, it’ll show you the search volume. This will give you keyword ideas to integrate into your site. And on the right side, you’ll also see more keywords with the volume that you can also target to go after to generate even more traffic.

Now, whenever you’re doing a search, you may see some competitors. With Ubersuggest, it’ll show you how many links that site has, the social shares, and even the keywords that page is ranking for. So if you want to create similar content that’s ranking for that one keyword, it’ll show all the other secondary or primary keywords that that page also ranks for, and you want to use those keywords within your page when you’re creating content.

Now here’s also what’s cool. I, myself, go to my competitor sites every once in a while to see what they do. I don’t obsess about my competitors, I’m more so obsessed about my competition, but I do keep track of what my competitors are doing, which is healthy.

Now with Ubersuggest, you just click that little U button in the Chrome extension bar or within Google Chrome, and it’ll show you all the data on your competitors, their traffic, their site issues, the keywords that they get their traffic from, the back links.

So that way, you know what websites to go after for more back links, what keywords to go after that you’re not going after, what issues that your competitors have that you want to fix and get a leg up on them.

But that’s how you continually do SEO each and every single day without really focusing on SEO, because it’s right in front of you and integrated in your daily habits. That’s why I created the Chrome extension. It’s free, use it, check it out. I hope you love it.

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