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The One Growth Strategy You Can’t Overlook

The One Growth Strategy You Can’t Overlook

The One Growth Strategy You Can’t Overlook

I get the same question all the time, “If I had to pick one marketing strategy to invest in, what would you pick, Neil?” And while I can’t say for sure that there’s just one strategy I put over everything else just because they all serve different purposes, I can say there is one low-cost, conversion-friendly, high-ROI strategy that you simply can’t afford to have in your marketing arsenal. Can you guess what it is?



Here’s a hint, it has a 98% open rate and the best engagement rate out of any other marketing medium. It’s SMS marketing. I hear people dismiss SMS, which is just short for messaging, you know, those text messages you get on your phone? I hear them dismissing all the time, but those marketing texts you get from an automated number, you’ve seen them, the ones that you think everyone ignores; the reality is people don’t ignore them. They convert at a crazy rate precisely because so many of them get opened, which is more than you can say about almost any other form of marketing communication, such as email marketing or even push notifications.

If you’ve heard of it once, you’ve heard of it a thousand times. People are glued to their phones these days. The average person checks their phones 344 times a day. Research from Statista shows that in 2021, SMSs experience 75% year-over-year increase in popularity among customers. 71% of people say that they check their phones within 10 minutes of getting out of bed.

Heck, I check mine within 10 seconds of getting out of bed. The average American spends 2 hours and 54 minutes daily on their phone, which comes out to almost 44 days a year. From group texts to social media to every app under the sun, there are million reasons to be absorbed by your phone these days. So if your audience is already checking it, why not meet them where their attention is already directed? There are a ton of SMS marketing strategies that you can try now. So let’s dive in.

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