Looking to beef up your 2020 marketing? Add in a targeted marketing strategy and campaign. Targeted marketing campaigns focus on a select amount of prospects (say 10-25) that you would like to convert into paying customers. In this video, I focus on four channels to reach out to our target audience: sponsored social media ads via Facebook and LinkedIn, mail marketing, email marketing, and cold calls.

Here’s the link to my Miro board used in the video:

A quick intro! I’m Casi Vagher, a professional photographer, videographer, and marketing consultant. Most marketers have to wear many hats (you’re the copywriter, photographer, website expert, social media guru, and the list goes on), but most of us aren’t trained in everything! I’m here to help you learn and grow into those other hats, with my in-depth experience in social media marketing, video marketing, proposal writing, graphic design, sales and marketing alignment, event planning, photography, and videography, I’ve done it all. Check back for more useful videos on all of these topics!

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