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Take THIS QUICK TEST and FIND OUT How to CHANGE Your Landing Page’s Performance

Take THIS QUICK TEST and FIND OUT How to CHANGE Your Landing Page’s Performance

Take THIS QUICK TEST and FIND OUT How to CHANGE Your Landing Page’s Performance

Wouldn't it be great if you could improve your landing pages by just asking yourself a few simple questions? Today I'm going to have you take this quick test and find out how to change your landing page's performance for the better.



Number one, are you asking for too much personal information? The more personal you get with your questions, like if you get really aggressive, ask for passport number or social security number, your conversion rates are going to continually drop.

Now, if you're a financial application, like, let's say FTX, that's different because it's related, you need that for people to use your application, or your product or your service. But if you're not a bank, if you're not a exchange, or if you're not something in finance that's asking for personal information like passport or driver's license or credit card or all these kind of details, it just decreases conversions.

Number two, does your page take more than four seconds to load? Faster your pay speed, the better off you are. At a 1% load time, the conversion rate drops roughly 20%. At a 2% second load time, the average conversion rate begins to level off at 12 to 13%. And a 5% load time, 9.68%.

I want you to run a test using Ubersuggest to see your load time, just go to, pop in your URL, look at the site audit report and boom, you'll be able to see your load time just like you're seeing right here on the screen.

Next question that you want to ask yourself, are you relying upon one landing page? A study by HubSpot discovered that having 10 to 12 landing pages increases leads by up to 55%.

You're probably wondering why is that? Well, what if the landing page you create you think converts well, but it doesn't really convert that well, or what if it converts well with one traffic source but not other. By having multiple landing pages you can divert traffic into different sections of your site to see what converts better. This will allow you to tweak, figure out what copy resonates better with people.

The next question I want you to ask yourself, do you have more than one offer on your landing page? The more focus in your messaging is the better off you are. When you give people too many options they don't make their decision fast enough, sometimes they don't make their decision at all. And when they make their decision, a lot of times they're not satisfied.

The next question to ask yourself, have you A/B tested your landing page? Then you've got pricing, are you charging too little, too much? Should you do payment plans? All things you should test. Is it worth adding a video? That's worth testing too, because with videos, sometimes people don't want to read the text, video though, they can watch and get the information they need.

Another one to test, your text of the font and style, is it hard to read, easy to read, is it big, too small? Then I want you to test your forms. Do you have too many fields? If you require them, break them up into multiple steps. Typically when you do two steps, you'll get a 10 plus percent increase in conversions, it's worth testing out. Do you also have a mobile version? That's another thing I want you to test. If it's not responsive, you're not going to do as well.

A/B testing is a really powerful thing to do with your landing pages, because no matter how well a landing page converts, it can convert better.

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