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My 30 Day Experience with Cris Chico’s Facebook Ads Course (NO DEAL.. Yet!)

My 30 Day Experience with Cris Chico's Facebook Ads Course (NO DEAL.. Yet!)

My 30 Day Experience with Cris Chico’s Facebook Ads Course (NO DEAL.. Yet!)

My experience with Cris Chico's Flip Anywhere Academy / Find Motivated Sellers Online…
Facebook Ad Videos:
How to find Title/Escrow Companies:
How to find Real Estate Attornies:

This is an ANALYTICAL review of the results from Cris Chico's course, if you would like a full review, I'm down to make that as well. This video was made to show you his course is not a scam and he's NOT a fake guru. I've spent $1,500 on Facebook ADs, a lot of the over-spend was due to my neglegence and ego, not following his course 100% the entire time. I still have potential leads, but I have NOT closed my first deal — yet.

Here are some bullet points of what I've learned, you'll see while watching my video:
► Introduction to my story
► How Cris gives a free advertising template
(read below for those videos)
► How Cris teaches dynamic ad-copy
► Pros/Cons of dynamic ad-copy
► How to SPEND less per lead, by trimming the fat
► What I learned, what mistakes I made, how I grew in 30 days.

About Cris Chico:
He's known for Cris Chico Post Cards, Cris Chico Digital Bandit Signs, he is big on YouTube as Cris Chico and BiggerPockets. His Facebook training course is all about Virtual Wholesale Real Estate, acquiring leads for $2 to $30 that raise there hand and ask you to buy their properties. If you're looking to FIND MOTIVATED SELLERS ONLINE, then you're looking for his tutorial course, trust me!

If you want to know HOW TO GET LEADS RIGHT NOW, then go watch his tutorial video where he literally gives you some SOLID advertising copy, to input and get a Facebook AD Campaign up and going. The only thing you have to pay is your $5-30 per lead generated, TRUST ME, it's worth a view:
Part 1 =
Part 2 =
Part 3 =
Part 4 =

Thanks for watching, I'll be documenting my journey from a beginners perspective. My struggles and how I overcome obstacles, as well as taking you from 30 days of experience up to my first deal. Let's goOoo!

I did spend $1,500 from Facebook ADs, and maybe I'll never get the money back, yes.
However, I do see that as money invested towards my first deal. I've learned SO MUCH I would not consider this $1,500 lost, because I have 45 leads, at $33 per lead, and I've grown so much in the past 30 days. His group is nothing but supportive and encouraging, with over 1,500 members. This video/clickbait is not to defame Cris, it's really to encourage people to be more cautious when putting money into advertising. Be aware of your data. Fine tune your metrics. Take action, but also take precautions. DO NOT let ads keep running, if they are not showing the results you want. Cut it's head off, bandage the wound, ask questions in the group, and try again.

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