Team Building – How to Motivate your Team

I must confess that this is one of the most neglected task for new business owners and entrepreneurs entering the Nigerian market .

A team is the collection of individual with different potentials, talents, skills and expertise to work together for the common good of a course, a goal, a target.

Having a strong team is essential to your business growth as it helps you minimise resources, opens you to a pool of ideas and strategies and it also enhances division of labour which is good for human and capital development.

Motivating your team is also crucial to business growth and enhances personal development in the team.

In this video I shared with you
How to Motivate your team member with one of the most abused skill ‘COMMUNICATION’.

I will show you exactly, what are the things you should be communicating to your team from time to time to motivate them to do more!

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In what ways have you damped the moral of your team members? What ways can you motivate them to enhance their performance?

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