Life of a Nigerian Entrepreneur PT 2
Location Vs. Market – Which should I pay attention to?

Welcome to this week’s episode of Digital Matters With Hunku Alikama. I am X-raying the life of a Nigerian Entrepreneur.

I bumped into an old friend of mine few days ago while going to get some stuff for the office. He was surprised to see me and the next remark he gave was that he was surprised that I am still in Abeokuta. He had been thinking I am in Lagos, working for a Big company with the way he saw me show up online.

I was a bit humbled and encourage at the same time yet I felt the need to tell him that the issue is not much of the location you find yourself doing business but how well you identify and understand your market.

Good Location is good for business but finding your market and understanding your market is crucial to your business growth and scalability.

No wonder a business with a proper understanding of market in Oshogbo will thrive better than another in Lekki who hasn’t done much to understand those the business is meant to serve.

You don’t want to be told…

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Hunku Alikama

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