Tolu started her perfume collection and selling business a few months back…

She has an unusual sense of smell and because of her feminine prowess and her likeability

It was not long before she started finding her voice…

She strategically positioned herself as a resource person to go with for your next choice of body perfumes, colognes, deodorants, and other attended body fragrance products.

She was doing well and hitting her target when it comes to sales as more and more people patronized her because of the value she gives out every single time.

However, as knowledgeable as Tolu was in what she does, she lacked one fundamental skill… 

She is not keen on figures and records for her business…

A few months into her business, she discovered that her turnover has indeed increased but reinvesting her turnovers into scaling her business is becoming an issue…

And as a matter of fact, she is losing more money partly because she has not keenly created a system for financial propriety and monitoring…

To make the matter messier, some of her staff are economic saboteur who takes cash out of her business and cut deals at will behind her backs.

Tolu is hurting!

Tolu is tired…

Her customers want more from her…

They look forward to lovely fragrance products to enhance their taste of smell…

She doesn’t know what to do!

Are you like Tolu?

You started your business on a very good footing!

You have put in more effort to add onions to your business Suya!

It was paying off and money was flowing effortlessly

and all of a sudden, the numbers are not adding up!

Sales cannot be accounted for or tracked.

You are losing your sleep because you don’t know where funds for your next inventory are coming from…

That situation can still be redeemed!

From this minute,

– Make a commitment to proper financial records for your business

– Trace the loopholes and block them (even if it means some head rolling or even spinning off)

– Learn more about prudence and accountability in business

– Adopt digital tools for your finance and account record, analysis, and management and enforce their usage in your team

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If you don’t take care of your business, who will?

Hope to see you in class!

Your Brother,

Shonde A.D

TrackTech Integrated Solutions