How To Use Instagram Stories To Promote Your Products & Services***Download My 10 Example Stories For Social Media Here:

I’m excited to show you how to use Instagram stories for your business cause Instagram & Facebook Stories are all the rage right now.

I’ve been getting a lot of messages from people saying,

“Tanya, “Oh my god, do I have to share my life when I do Instagram stories? I don’t have that exciting of a life to share.

And what the heck do I post if I want to sell my products or services through15-second Instagram story clips?”

Well in this episode of Tanya Aliza TV, I’m going to show you what and how to post so you can captivate your audience while creating curiosity and engagement for your business. Plus I have some really cool examples that I want to share with you as well

***Download My 10 Example Stories For Social Media Here:

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About this video: In this episode: I share how to use Instagram stories for business. We know Instagram stories are all the craze right now and everyone is looking for an Instagram hack. Your Insta story should be entertaining and in this training I’ll be sharing my Instagram tips that will boost your Instagram posts. Everyone needs to know how to use Instagram stories for a good Instagram marketing strategy. I love a good Instagram story hacks and Instagram tricks. Using Instagram for business is a game changer and this Instagram marketing strategy will help you learn how to use Instagram stories for business. If you want to how to create Instagram stories for business you’ll want these Instagram marketing secrets. Also how to use Facebook stories for business is the same strategy as learning how to use Instagram stories for your business. Not many people know how to use stories on Instagram for business so take notes.

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