In this video learn to create a Facebook Ad that will send traffic to your Blog. Only run Facebook ads if you have already installed Facebook pixels on your Blog website a couple of months back.

If you haven’t installed Facebook pixels on your blog, do not start running your Facebook ads as they can be a failure.

If you don’t know what a Facebook pixel code is clicked here and learn it –

After a Facebook pixel is installed on your Blog, it helps Facebook to analyze the traffic behavior and show the ads to more relevant people.

I won’t recommend investing big amounts on Facebook ads unless you have practiced & have a thorough knowledge of it.

Open the dashboard through your facebook manager or by clicking on “create a post” on the homepage.

Select the page option “traffic for the website” that you need to do for your Blog.

Add description, headline & carousel of images that you want to advertise for.

For the number of images, you add charges that can be extra so you can select a single image that best represents your work.

Select the Button label to “learn more”.

Add your website page URL Below, the landing page you want your viewers to go to.

Scroll down & select the audience that you want to target, so click on a small pencil-like icon.

Here you get to select the age of the audience, gender and you can provide below with 10 tags that best represent your work.

If you are investing a large amount of money you have to deep dive into the audience insights by clicking on “browse”.

There you can give micro details about the behavior of your audience that helps Facebook to find an audience.

Before investing a large sum of money, small practice sessions should be studied on Facebook stats to understand the behavior of an Ad.

In this case, it becomes important to add Facebook pixels code to your website before proceeding to big ads.

An entity error occurs when pasting Facebook pixels code to Blogger Blog.

This entity error does not allow the user to paste the code on the blog.

Know the proper way to add Facebook pixels to Blogger Blog.

How to Make Traffic for Blogs with Facebook Ads?

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