Week 2 – Business Coach Becky Auer Tells How to Create a Unique Value Proposition & Why You Need One

Do you know how to differentiate yourself from others in your market? One thing that’s really important in doing this is crafting your UVP. UVP stands for ‘unique value proposition.’ You may have also heard it be called Unique Selling Proposition. Or a market dominating position. Or your elevator pitch.

A unique value proposition is a promise you make to your customers. It is communicated through your website content and marketing materials. Think of it as a sort of guideline or vision for your company.

Your UVP explains how you solve your customers’ problems by emphasizing the benefits of buying from you. Another important part of it is to show how you’re different from your competitors. That’s where the ideas in this presentation can help you.

In this video I’ll be giving you some tips, ideas and examples on crafting your UVP. I want your UVP to resonate with people and win them over to your business. This is a key part of starting a business so it requires great attention.