I shared with you in my last letter, how Paralysis of Analysis (PoA) is your arch-enemy to achieving your goals in life. PoA has the capability to unnerve your creative acumen. It is a perfectionist. It will want to make you believe it is never the right time to take action on your purpose for life.
PoA, most times don’t give a damn about your discipline, it is very subtle in operation and can permeate your thought such that you will find it irresistible not to do its bidding.
Dear Folorunsho, I hope to use today’s letter to help you send Paralysis of Analysis packing as I will share with you 3 ways to WIN against its deception.

One of the major problems people have with developing new healthy habits, learning something new, or enhancing their personal development through reading books, listening to motivational materials, taking up a course, and the likes is that they do not have a clear-cut goal for undertaking such tasks.
Many ventures into life-transforming activity haphazardly perhaps because they see people doing some things and they felt challenged to also try it out. Whenever you want to benefit from any endeavor, you need to have a clear-cut motive or goals personalized and customized for you before you venture into it. Don’t join the bandwagon! This will keep your focus when PoA comes to dissuade you from pushing through with your goals.

Practice birth mastery, you want to send PoA packing right? Put to practice everything there is to achieving your goals. Are you reading a new book about some interesting things you want to add to your life? Don’t just read about it… Find a way around practicing what you read. Some sound writers/authors may be magnanimous enough to put in practice exercises or drills after each chapter. Do well to go for it and carry out those exercises. It has a way of helping you against PoA.
The same also applies when you are taking up a course or learn a new skill. Take time not only to Practice but to do that Immediately. It sure helps.

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A mentor or coach doesn’t necessarily have to be someone who knows the way headlong. He is someone trained and equipped with the skills and competence to walk you through the process of achieving your goals. There is a structure, a system, or perhaps a process to get better results in what you are doing… A good coach will ground you and hold you accountable because one of the most effective ways of dealing with PoA is accountability. You will be challenged to take up tasks that will sum up your success. PoA is not friendly, you need allies in the person of a coach or a mentor to guide you through.
In conclusion, Paralysis of Analysis is any thought, belief system that talks you into details and out of action and it should be fought if you want to see results in your endeavor.

I wish you a PoA Free Week ahead.I love you!
Your Brother and Friends,
Hunku Alikama!

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