Today I’ll show you how to use to create your own GIFs using only. All you need is a picture or a video file/link. No additional software needed!

Make sure you applied for an artist or brand channel to make your GIFs visible and usable on Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc.
Here you can find all information regarding this topic:

Check out the results:
GIF made from a picture –
GIF made from a video –
GIF made from a YouTube video –

00:00 – Introduction
00:27 – Apply for an artist or brand channel and make your GIF visible on social media channels such as Instagram and Facebook and messengers such as WhatsApp
00:45 – Creating GIFs using pictures + detailed information about the decoration process on such as:
-create and edit a CAPTION
-add STICKERS (i.e. make a sparrow fart into Donald Trumps face)
-and DRAW using
Also learn about adding information such as:
-how to add a source URL
-what to consider adding Tags?
-what does Rating mean?
03:59 Creating GIFs using video files
-trim your video
-choose duration
05:06 Creating GIFs using video links (such as YouTube)
-quick & simple walk through