Desmond, an industrious young man who sells computer accessories in Computer Village There are 1001 people selling the same stuff in that area He had some sales, However, most of his customers don’t come back to patronize him He became worried… What am I not doing right? Do I have poor customer service? Do I […]

5 ‘Must Have’ Apps to grow your business in 2022

*5 ‘Must Have’ Apps to grow your business in 2022 – Letter To Mofolorunsho Vol 37* Over 90% of businesses in Nigeria and by extension Africa have challenges growing, profiting and scaling. One of the reasons why that happens is the fact that many of these businesses still do business the traditional way – the […]

Why you need to WIN against Paralysis of Analysis

THE PARALYSIS OF ANALYSIS – LETTER TO MOFOLORUNSHO VOL 28 Have you ever been in a situation when a great book full of steps and processes you need in overcoming a challenge and having read through the book, you were clueless as to what to do with that wealth of knowledge? Or have you ever […]