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Can You Start Digital Marketing in 2022 With JUST a Phone?

Can You Start Digital Marketing in 2022 With JUST a Phone?

Can You Start Digital Marketing in 2022 With JUST a Phone?

Who says you need a laptop or a desktop computer to do marketing? Today, I'm going to break down how you can start digital marketing in 2022 with just a phone.

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Have you seen people claiming that you can make money using your mobile phone or doing just digital marking on a phone? And I understand why so many people like that idea because everyone has a phone on them all the time.

Today, everyone has a phone in their pocket and, it can literally give you access to the entire universe of content on the web. But can you really do marketing just using a mobile device?

Well, depending on what you're looking for, you can do it and you can't do it. So that's not necessarily answering the yes or no but, you can actually do a lot on your phone and some things you may need a laptop, not because it doesn't work on your phone, it's a nightmare, so let me go over those.

First off, Instagram marketing. You can do that really well on your phone, from taking the pictures, to creating content, to engaging, leaving comments, heck, it's hard to do that from your computer versus your phone. You can't even use all the features without your phone. The platform was built for mobile devices and primarily for mobile. The same goes with TikTok, where you could basically do all the activities related to content and engagement, better done from your own phone than it is from a desktop computer.

The next thing you can do from your phone is creating content, from shooting videos, selfies, shorts, reels, you can do that all from your phone, works really, really well, heck, the cameras on these phones are better than a lot of people's like physical SLR or DLR or whatever those cameras are called that are big and gigantic.

If you want to create visual content, you can do so using apps like Canva, Adobe Lightroom, and there's tons of other options and most of those, you can find apps on your phone.

The third marketing activity that you can do on your phone is scheduling social media content. Today, there are tons of apps like Hootsuite, Buffer, even Facebook Page Manager which gives you the ability to schedule content from your phone for many different platforms.

The fourth thing that you can do is running ads on social media. Look, I would personally never use a phone to run my ad campaigns, but, I've seen a lot of people run their ads from a phone and I really, really, really, really, really go against it. I probably should have added a few more reallys in there, but the point is is you can do most things from a phone.

But however, from things like ads to trying to do your SEO and modify your code, to doing keyword research, a lot of this gets tricky from a phone.

Sure, Ubersuggest has a mobile-friendly version but, it's hard to actually go and do that and write a blog post and optimize your title tag and meta description and your images and compress all of them from a phone. So the cool thing about a phone is you can do a lot of the stuff you need to do on a daily basis from your phone, but you can't do everything from a phone. A lot of the stuff that is one-off or stuff you don't need to do on a daily basis, a lot of those things you'll need a desktop computer.

The point I'm trying to get at is, if you want to do social media marketing, you just need a phone. You want to run ads, optimize campaigns, send out emails and fine tune them and look at stats and data, you're going to need more than a phone for just that, but it doesn't mean that you can't use both.

And when you're on the go, you have no excuse but to do marketing because you can do it from your phone.

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