In today’s video, we are going to talk about 5 proven affiliate marketing tips you can use to increase your affiliate sales in 2019. Watch this video till the end if you want to skyrocket your affiliate sales.

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Before I start sharing affiliate marketing tips tips that will get you get more affiliate sales. Let me share with you one thing:

Most of the revenue on my blog comes while selling affiliate products only. I’m able to generate $10,000 plus amount every month while selling affiliate products on blog.

2018 income report (Made Over $106,000):
2017 Income Report (Made Over $67,000):

Affiliate Marketing Tip 1: Always Use the Product Before Start Promoting
You should be only promoting those affiliate products you have used. This is the best way to know why affiliate promoting you should try selling through your blog or website.

Affiliate Marketing Tip 2: Which Contents You should be Creating to Get More Affiliates Sales
After making a decision about the product you will be promoting on your blog, you need to decide the content types you will be creating:

– Review around the product with a call to action.
– Comparison posts.
– Deal Pages
– Discount or Coupon Posts
– A section Called Blogging Tools (
– Page for special events like Black Friday & Cyber Monday
– How to Guides like how to do keyword research
– Case Studies
– Roundup posts
– Features of a product: Like SEMrush Site Audit

Affiliate Marketing Technique 3: Give Strong Reasons why People Should Buy Products From your Only
You need to give them solid reasons due to which they will be buying affiliate products through your referral links.

Affiliate Marketing Strategy 4: Improve organic traffic on Money Pages
Struggle to improve organic traffic to our money pages?

– Create 10X Content
– And then build high quality backlinks for them

How to Create Quality Backlinks:

Work towards improving your blog speed. None of your money page should take more than a couple of seconds in loading.

According to Hubspot: 1 Second delay in website loading means 7% reduction in conversions.

Affiliate Marketing Trick 5: Work Towards Improving Conversion Rate
Try to improve your conversion rate if you want to get more affiliate product sales from the same traffic.

Friends, I hope these 5 affiliate marketing tips will help you get lots of affiliate product sales.