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5 Wisdom Nuggets For 2021 – A Letter From My Heart

5 Wisdom Nuggets For 2021 – A Letter From My Heart


Dear friend,
I must congratulate you for fighting hard and scaling the hurdles this year placed on humanity. The CoVID 19 Pandemic, the avoidable ENDSARS protest which the government of the day failed to address which led to the massacre that claimed innocent lives, all these climaxed into the present state of recession we are experiencing as a Nation.

Truth be told, this year's experience will not leave my memory in a hurry (I know it won't for you as well).

We are moving into another year which is filled with its ups and downs, the good, the bad and the ugly. And I know as it stands, the year also has a lot of breakthroughs, successes for many, especially, those who have positioned themselves for maximum impact.

The journey to having your dreams come alive next year starts from what you have penned down to pursue in the new year.

I write this letter to you to give you hints as to what I feel will be necessary to make your hopes come alive.

Here is the 5 GOLDEN WISDOM NUGGETS you should work with if you are serious to change your narrative and make the year a remarkable year.

Let's go

  1. Choose your battle this year

I don't mean to sound brutal but I must say that most people in the year folding up failed to choose their battles and as such became victims of circumstances. Many have focused their energy, attention on the wrong battles of life.

A lot of people have waged war against friends, families, government and acquittances that could have helped them out in tough times. They failed to looked within to see those inner battles they face everyday.

Truth is, when inner battles are not been won, you definitely cannot record any progress externally.

In 2021, don't dissipate your energy on what doesn't matter.

Choose your battles with wisdom, lean on the strength the Creator gives and fight gallantly to victory.

  1. Be wary of breaking your rules

I must admit that I am guilty of this; just in the process of pleasing people, ensuring peace and harmony in relationships that I have built over the years, I discovered I broke rules that I made for myself just to ensure that I make others happy.

I know I am only human and I am only near perfection, but I must say people don't care how much you try to please them, you learn later when the journey goes sour that you only care, they don't.

Why break your personal code of conduct which later deny you of your peace and sanity just to please another person? Only The Creator REALLY cares about you.

In the coming year, be careful the way you bend your rules… That's your strength, don't give it up for people who do not deserve your magnanimity.

  1. Know your Math

One of my mentors once talked about the power of simple mathematics in planning and execution of any of our goals for the year.
Your financial, marital, emotional breakthroughs as well as your impact does not depend on assumptions rather they depend largely on quantifying your goals.

Let's assume you want to make N100 million Naira before next year runs out, write it down and break down the activities, processes, interactions you will have online and offline into smaller unit and in milestones as the days, months goes by.

Measure your activities each day in relation to the financial goal for the year. Do they measure up with your goals?

On a fair estimate, you should engage in money making activities that will generate at least N10 million Naira monthly…

Having a sound knowledge of math will help you focus on the numbers and work assiduously to meet up with that goal.
You will do better than someone who doesn't have his numbers handy.

  1. Focus on Adding Value rather than Getting Value

I need to stress this that, you will be far better than others in your sphere of influence if you daily give value to others.

And when I say value, I mean the totality of kindness, resourcefulness, help you give people, not only online but in the real world.

Being wealthy really is not rocket science if you ask me. It is your genuine response to other people pain point and offering the needed solution to their problems.

Stop being a consumer yourself, start being a channel of value for others to feed from.

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  1. Don't Jump Process

I have often told people around me that anyone that fails to acknowledge the place of process in life will not amount to much in life, even if you give such a person all the money, riches and connections in this world. Year 2021 is another year of process for us all.

We know tough times may persist for many because of the dwindling economy and the impact of pandemic.

The Almighty will make us pass through some circumstances, both good and not too cool. Know that it's His way of making you better. We learn better, understanding the fact that we are ‘work in progress'.

Let us allow our Creator to work in us through whatever we pass through this coming year. Don't jump the queue friend, don't cut corners, don't be too smart that you sell your soul for a morsel of bread just out of desperation.

As a wrap, it is my utmost prayer that you flourish, prosper and that all goes well with you. It is my utmost desire that you come out of 2021 a better person. I know you did well this year and I believe you will do us proud come 2021.

We excel, We triumph and ultimately, We moooove!

I hope this helps you!
I love you…

Your sincerely,

Shonde Abiola Damilare (Hunku Alikama)
Your #1 Partner in Progress

PS: Which part of the letter gives you the most impression? And what practical ways are you going to implement any of these nuggets?

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