5 Things That Can Go Wrong with Your Influencer Marketing Campaign

5 Things That Can Go Wrong with Your Influencer Marketing Campaign

The success of an influencer marketing campaign depends on a number of key factors. In this video, Sherri Langburt, Founder & CEO of Babbleboxx breaks down 5 common pitfalls so your next influencer marketing doesn’t take a turn for the worst!

Not knowing the types of influencers your brands, product or service should be working with is the biggest mistake. Choosing between nano, micro, macro and mega influencers can drastically change everything from your budget to your reach.

If you’re unfamiliar with these terms, Sherri breaks down the difference between these types of influencers. Mega and macro influencers can be a big brand awareness play because of their reach. Micro and nano influencers have a smaller reach but the engagement can be significantly higher.

Your budget will also play a factor in how many of each type of influencer you can incorporate into your marketing campaign.

Once you’ve determined the size of influencers you’d like to work with, know your vertical. Foodies, fashionistas and beauty influencers get a lot of attention but there are influencers in every vertical like home improvements, B2B services, healthcare and more. As you can see, it may not be in your best interest to only work with the biggest influencers you can find.

After you’ve identified your key influencers, you’ll want to make sure you don’t launch your campaign at the wrong time of year or with the wrong theme. The big occasions and holidays get a lot of attention. Everything from Mother’s Day to the Super Bowl are really competitive times of year to get attention.

For some brands it makes sense to think of a more unique theme at a different time of year that will also resonate with your audience. We had a great example of a licorice brand that was part of our Festival themed box to reach a new audience at a different time of year.

Your influencer marketing campaign is doomed without a proper scope of work. In order to work with influencers successfully you need to have a very detailed set of guidelines to which they must adhere.

Those guidelines have to be specific including the theme of the campaign, the start and end dates, the type of photography required (think lifestyle photography vs product photography).

That being said, the next mistake you could make with influencers is being too controlling. Don’t over analyze all the requirements and put too many barriers in the way of the influencers creativity that they are known for. Too many rounds of reviews or edits from the legal department could put your influencer campaign at a loss from the start.

Give influencers your guidelines but give them the flexibility to create the content they are great at creating.

Lastly, the wrong expectations is one mistake you can’t afford to make. Influencer marketing must be looked at for its strengths and weaknesses. Yes, influencers can drive sales but if that’s your primary goal it might not meet that goal.

Do you want awareness, engagement and sales or do you just want to leverage influencers as a content creation vehicle. Your campaign needs to be designed with the proper influencers, goals and expectations from the onset.

We hope these 5 mistakes don’t happen to you on your next influencer marketing campaign. If you have questions reach out to us at team at babbleboxx.com or visit our website at https://babbleboxx.com for more about our co-promotion and signature boxes.

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