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5 ‘Must Have’ Apps to grow your business in 2022

5 ‘Must Have’ Apps to grow your business in 2022

*5 ‘Must Have’ Apps to grow your business in 2022 – Letter To Mofolorunsho Vol 37*

Over 90% of businesses in Nigeria and by extension Africa have challenges growing, profiting and scaling.

One of the reasons why that happens is the fact that many of these businesses still do business the traditional way – the ‘local’ way.

The world has gone global and the digital space has evolved such that only the businesses who have deliberately adopted digital processes and technology thrives and are also exposed to more opportunities in the area of funding, marketing, team building, Human resources management, branding and all other fundamental pillars of building a profitable business.

Folorunsho, In this my writing, I will like to share with *5 ‘MUST HAVE’* Apps that you must start using in the new year.

They are great life-savers, stress-relievers as they help you cut cost of running your business, easy to learn and almost Free to use.

*1. CANVA*

Canva is a professional graphic design app that gives you the flexibility of promoting the tangible assets of your brand with ease. It is easy to learn and the Free Version of the App is all you need to design your e-flyer, logos, banners, Video Thumbnails if you create video content, Certificates for those who create online courses, Social Media Graphics, Ad Image Creatives for digital marketers and a whole lot of illustrative designs to help you grow.

You can learn how to use this great app in an hour or less (I created a course to help you learn how to create amazing graphic designs). It also available on desktop via url – and iOS.


Along with Canva is a great platform that solves all your graphic needs is the PIXABAY app which is a library of Free Stock Images, Videos, Backgrounds, Patterns and a whole lot of graphical elements to help you create content that compels people to engage with your digital marketing campaigns.

I have found Pixabay app on Google Playstore useful for all my graphic design needs and you can access the same platform via your browser at – One of the reasons why you need to pay attention to graphics and content creation is that it is one of the big deal in 2022 to build a fan base of loyal followers who are committed not only to buying your products or services but who will be your advocates everywhere they go!

*3. Rebrandly App*

I hate long URL, I mean web addresses – they really suck and are annoying most times. Rebrandly App is one of the apps I use in shortening my web links, customizing them as well as getting analytics of how my like performs on every digital campaign. I use Rebrandly App this year and I won’t stop using it for a while because of its user-friendliness, the analytic features that takes care of the demography of traffic sent into my link in real-time. It’s a platform you need to check out in the new year.

Stop sending long and boring URL, start by shortening and customizing your url with Rebrandly App today. It is also available on desktop via browser –

*4. Vyapar App*

I came across this App when I was looking for apps to manage my inventories. Managing inventory of goods and services is not a joke especially doing it the traditional way. I found this App, Vyapar, an analgesic to ease the pain and burden of monitoring sales and inventories. It also comes with an invoice creation, business card management features just to put a digital touch to your daily business operations.

The basic feature of this is All you need but if you have extra bucks to spare, please don’t hold back, you will get value for your money using this App.

*5. Trust Wallet* I intentionally chose to add this app to the list because the digital landscape has changed greatly. Business transactions have been digitally disrupted by the adopting of the Blockchain technology.

Cryptos are gradually gaining prominence over our fiat currency. The joy of these recent development is the introduction of Non-Fungible Token (NFTs) and other collectibles that opens limitless opportunities in the crypto space for the digitally creative individuals to own Digitals assets Forever.

Trust Wallet, among all other apps created for the same purpose is a great way to start your journey in the crypto space, as it gives you the ability to buy, sell crytocurrencies of different types, create, buy or sell NFTs right from your phone with ease and a lot more features that gives you an edge over your competitors in the new year.

I hope you will find these Apps helpful in the coming year, and If I were you, I will read extensive on these Apps, learn how to use them and start adopting them into my business growth strategy for the new year.

I am also not too careful to note those that will take this letter with a pinch of salt. Please don’t!

Year 2022 is right by the corner, it’s never too late to plan, strategize and enter the new year with a new zeal, passion and commitment to excel as the Almighty gives you the ability.

I love you

Your Brother and Friend

PSS: I thought of hosting a webinar next week, on planning big for next year, what do you think?

Hunku Alikama

PS: Let me know which of the Apps you have used before? And/or the one(s) you find difficult to learn and use.

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