It could be very frustrating for you to create an email campaign with the hope of it reaching your leads, but just to discover that you are having a very high bounce rate and open rate of nearly zero.

I know you have even tried your best to build your list and some of you have decided to even buy premium lead with your hard earn money.

Hold on and read carefully, as i present to you 5 email testing tools; some of which are are freemiums…

Zero Bounce

Zero Bounce offers a freemium of 100 credits per month and also premium offers that you can enjoy.

The tool returns you the file CSV and TXT files containing your leads with different deliverability statuses:

You may decide to download the files

Use Zero Bounce Now is a web based app that helps you to verify for email lists. It has a freemium of up to 50 credits per month and charges 0.5 credits per email verified. You can decide to opt in for their premium offer depending on your pocket.

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Sender Score

Sender score helps you to identify your sender reputation on a scale of 1 to 100 with your corresponding IP address to check if the IP has been blacklisted.

This App is FREE

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Mail Tester

This is one of the best mail testing application on the internet yet to be released. Guess what???

It’s totally FREE

Mail-Tester will check whether or not your message will pass a widely used spam filter — SpamAssassin — by looking for any keywords that might seem fishy and spammy to it. The service will also examine your SPF, DMARC, and DKIM records and run your IP address against some popular blacklists. Finally, Mail-Tester will check whether your message is well-formatted and verify if there are any broken links in it.

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Subject Line

Subject Line is an absolutely free email testing tool that helps you test the effectiveness of your subject line or heading.

It scores you with a scale of within 0 to 100 points. It tells you why you have lost some points and what you should do to improve your score.

Isn’t that cool???

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In conclusion, one of the most effective skill a digital marketer must have is email marketing skills and using the right tools while save you a lot of headache, money loss as well as build your confidence.

Share your experience with me if you have used these tools before!