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4 Job Search Strategies.

Today we’re talking about 4 different ways you can job search. If you are job hunting or thinking about a new job, this one’s for you!
So, let’s talk about job searching:


You can apply online

We have a lot of online job portal that can help you connect you with those who need your service

Tell all your family and friends

At this stage, you inform family or friends about all you can help them to do. Tell them about how you can fit in into any organizational goals


Build your rep on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the new ‘darling’ for all job hunters and recruiters. You need to leverage on this platform to showcase your skill sets and ability.

Start asking people to coffee

It’s never a bad idea if you decide to meet people who you know might be of help over a coffee. Sell your self the best way you can. Come out confident when you approach them and remember that your dress sense matters.

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