Are you trying to find a job and getting nowhere? Use these 3 powerful tips on how to find your dream job. I have given quick tips on finding a job on social media like Facebook and LinkedIn. Today the job market is getting worse in recent recession due to COVID-19. That being said, you need to use different ways to find your job. You can not be dependant on the traditional method of posting your resume on job boards. I have suggested 3 powerful tips on how you can find your dream job in 2020.

When it comes to job search, its important to network with all recruiters on Facebook and Linkedin. Many times recruiters post their candidate requirements on social media. You can be a part of job search groups and apply to the relevant positions. On the other hand, you can also personally message recruiters to introduce yourself.

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About the speaker – Ameya Damle is an entrepreneur and business consultant. He has years of experience in international sales , corporate sales, leadership and has worked in domains like BPM and offshoring. Ameya has worked with various companies in North America and India. He dedicates this channel to the entrepreneurs and professionals who are continuously willing to learn something.