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Today I want to talk about the three most essential elements of running a successful network marketing company. These three essential elements, in my opinion, are the most infamous yet simple set of factors and true metrics, often looked past when searching for the right company.

Although it’s very simple, and a given fact, most often, the majority of companies lack one or the other. Unfortunately, it’s not an option to go without any of the three, if you want to run a company long-term – and as you know building a legacy isn’t overnight.

So, The First H To Be Successful In Network Marketing are Happy customers. This is one of the most crucial factors of having a successful company, often referred to as its “lifeblood”. Happy customers simply translate into amazing testimonials, reorders, loyalty, and more importantly, referrals. Without happy customers, no company can survive past their first year. In over a decade in the industry, I’ve never seen any company last through their first year without them. To me, a happy customer is someone whose mind is not diluted with the financial placebo effect or monetization of any sort; these are true customers who aren’t distributors and have zero financial benefits.

The Second H is Happy distributors. This is a big category and it has many factors; however, the most important to the majority of distributors are the financial benefits. Basically, are they earning the income they feel that they’re worth? Of course, it’s also important to be happy overall, be it with their upline, relationship with their company management, or even the market they work in. Think about this: each happy distributor could potentially translate into 300 more promoters of the product and company. And with technology and just a click of a button, imagine if this happy distributor had thousands or even millions of followers? So, if you want your company or your team to grow, it’s really important to keep the majority of your distributors happy. And trust me, I’ve seen it, one disgruntled distributor that has a big month can hail on your parade!

The Third H is a Happy company. Simply put, a company that’s profitable illustrates a healthy and prosperous future. You can have happy customers and distributors rolling in the dough, but if the company’s not profitable its lifespan could be in jeopardy. That’s one of the reasons we often witness companies go out of business. Although these three elements are independent; however, in my perspective they’re truly interdependent, meaning you can’t have one without the other two. If you’re in a company or looking for a new home, I highly recommend that you make sure these three factors are present. If they are, use them as an impulse to reach your goals faster.

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Production: Rise Labs
Studio Location: Miami Florida
Date: June 15th, 2020

Speaker: Rina Chong, Director of Business Development.
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