Prospecting Tips – How To Get Over The Fear Of Starting Business Conversations With Total Strangers ***Download My Top 20 Prospecting Questions Here:

I know so many people who need to learn how to do social media prospecting the right way.

A lot of people are just copying and pasting messages and its getting them nothing but people blocking or ignoring them.

If you’ve got a business, product or service that you’re trying to grow… then you’ll want to know HOW to properly start conversations with strangers on social media that will lead to them wanting to know more about your products, business or services.

In this episode of Tanya Aliza TV, I’m going to be sharing some scripts and thoughts on starting conversations with total strangers on Social Media with the intent of leading into a business conversation.

This will help you if you have products or services that you’re trying to sell.

***Download My Top 20 Prospecting Questions Here:

📝Show Notes and Resources mentioned in the video:

💠Beyond Objections – Learn More –

In this powerful 77 min Audio training and downloadable Cheat Sheet you will be equipped to handle any objection or question that your prospect gives you after you share your business with them.

Download the audio to your smart phone, tablet or computer and take it with you on the go, at the gym or in the car and become a professional in closing the sale without being salesy or weird.
It’s all about finding out what the REAL questions and objections are and leading them into the direction of a sale or new teammate.

🖥The Champion Prospecting Series –

Todd Falcone is one of my favorite trainers when it comes to dialing cold market leads and starting the conversations with them. Discover Todd’s powerful prospecting techniques as they are unleashed on live prospects right before your very ears! Hear EXACTLY what he does while dialing a variety of lead types and learn to duplicate his proven method of prospecting.

💪The Cold Market Prospecting Blueprint by Ray Higdon –

This is a great training resource done by my friend Chris Carroll and Ray Higdon. Chris is a top recruiter and he shares his prospecting strategies through this training

📘Get Over Your Damn Self – Book by Romi Neustadt –

The No B.S. Blueprint to building a life changing business. This is one of the best books I’ve read when it comes to learning how to talk to prospects and transition the conversations, naturally, into business. I bought the audio book, listened to it twice, then bought the paperback because I wanted to highlight the scripts she gives… they are THAT good. This is a book that I highly recommend everyone in Network Marketing to get. For the guys… this is a really feminine read, but still highly worth it.

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About this video: In this episode, I share my best prospecting tips
& sales prospecting tips to help you in your business. Cold market prospecting can feel a bit intimidating but with these sales prospecting methods the fear of prospecting will become more comfortable and prospecting in network marketing will be easy. prospecting tips and tricks work when you learn how to approach prospects. Network marketing prospecting is for those willing to learn network marketing prospecting ideas and prospecting tips for network marketing. The best prospecting tips come from those who mastered network marketing recruiting tips and now teach recruiting tips for network marketing. Sales training tips and prospecting techniques help with prospecting methods that show you how to prospect. These network marketing recruiting tis are so very helpful and I hope they help you.

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