Henry Ford, Dale Carnegie, John D Rockefeller; do these names sound familiar to you?

I bet they do!

😎What do you think they have in common?

They are famous, wealthy, a source of inspiration and the list goes on…

One profound fact about these great men is that they are DEAD!!!

Dead, but their wealth and fame outlast their generation!


Furthermore, Let us all define the critical terms in the topic
Create, enduring, wealth, posterity
Let me start with Create
To create means to build, invent, develop.

Enduring means something that lasts long and that can pass through strain and stress
without losing any quality!
Strain and stress are terms that only physicist and engineers may understand!

What is wealth?

Wealth are achievements that are way too many to be counted! they are successes
recorded all round a man’s life. it cut across all aspect of life, spiritual, emotional,
financial, social and the likes. wealth are different from riches in that riches may entail
only on monetary worth and your purchasing power, wealth is all-encompassing.

Lastly Posterity!

Posterity are individuals, group of people who takes after you after you step down from
active service or when death comes knocking. they most times are your children
biological. spiritual or mentoring wise.
One beautiful thing is that every human being comes from a family. We are all posterity.
Then we shall move fully into the ‘Hows’ now!

How do you then build an enduring wealth?

1. Identify/Identity
Ask yourself this question: What are the 3 things I want to be remembered for after my
absence or demise.
Can I have your submissions?

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