Count Down To 2017: Now is the Time to Take Stock 2

Now is the Time to Take Stock 2

In my last article, i stressed the fact that stock taking is important not only for corporate entity but individual also should learn to take stock!

Taking Stock Helps you to come to Terms with Your Strengths and Weaknesses

Another advantage of taking stock of 2016 enables you to come to terms with your strength and weakness during the year in view. 

Challenges has been faced for sure during the year in view, hence, the need for evaluation!

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heartbreak, Pressure on the Job, Joblessness, Loss in Investment, Economic recession and the likes are all what an average individual must have experienced. The onus lies on you to make an appraisal and carefully come out with plans that will make you stay strong!

Recounting your ordeals; The wisdom, experience gathered will during the trying times will make you move ahead as you pull through 2017.

Stock Taking helps you set New Goals for the Year

Taking stock helps you set new goals for the year ahead! Stock taking of 2016 will sure have an impact on the kind of successes, achievements, milestones you will record for 2017.

A friend of mine had a plan of setting up his business this year! this was indeed commendable! but i saw him struggle all through the year without really making much progress. Recently i had a conversation with him and he told me the 1001 reasons why his plans did not come to fruition. I was tempted to be sympathetic to his struggles but something on the inside of me was indifferent, so I had to ask him to look at the preceding year, if he really took stock of that year (2015). His response was not too convincing! I did advice him to start taking stock of 2016, recounting his success and failures, analyzing the wisdom he garnered during this challenges!

Friend, for you to be in the path of greatness in 2017! Now is the Time to take stock!

Have a Nice Day!

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