Count Down To 2017: Must I be an Enterpreneur?


I am so tired of people making others feel bad or less smart when they’re in a job rather than starting a business. Entrepreneurship can be great, but so can having a corporate career. I love and respect each for different reasons. Don’t be bullied into thinking one is automatically better than the other. A corporate career has its perks and advantages over entrepreneurship.

Over the past weekend I was having a chat with an amazing friend Arihilam Francis about the growing trends of every Tom, Dick and Harry getting into entrepreneurship. Being an entrepreneur, or rather being CEO is now a buzzword.[powr-video-gallery id=935dfe7c_1483016209848]

Everybody wants to be their own boss, as some people believe working with an organisation is corporate slavery. As much as I love entrepreneurship and always support people passionate about their value-businesses, I often think entrepreneurs are too critical of the corporate world. Many have believed that people in corporate employment have no dreams to chase or are passionate about nothing – wrong misconception.

I am well aware that working in the corporate world involves a lot of grunt work and ass-kissing to move up the corporate ladder, but there are A LOT of benefits to learning from the corporate world that the startup life just doesn’t provide.

Also, I don’t think entrepreneurship is the right choice for everyone. As we all know, some of us excel in corporate environments; while others excel in the entrepreneurial arena. The idea of being an entrepreneur is not bad; as most entrepreneurs have a reason for starting their business, so also do some corporate professionals follow their passion. However, some people do not have the aptitude, personality and tenacity to follow through; they only do so because it’s trendy and they can settle for selling items that any Yaba trader can do. Why invent mediocrity when you can copy genius?

Always remember, choosing your path, whether corporate or entrepreneurial, is not a popularity contest. It is instead, a life-long decision that has a significant effect on both our personal and professional lives. In brief, think logically, strategically, and choose your path wisely depending on what you want out of life – and not what others think or define their success to be.
Don’t focus on becoming the next rockstar entrepreneur, focus on becoming the best version of you as possible – that will lead to your success; don’t get carried away by the buzz and trend to be an entrepreneur, be yourself and live your dreams either in the corporate world or as an entrepreneur – let the naysayers talk.
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