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Suppressive Person, often abbreviated SP, is a term found in Scientology to spell it out the “antisocial personalities” who, matching to Scientology’s creator L. Ron Hubbard, constitute about 2.5% of the populace. A statement over a Chapel of Scientology website identifies this group as including notorious traditional characters such as Adolf Hitler.
The word is often put on those whom the Cathedral perceives as its foes, such as those whose “disastrous” and “suppressive” serves are thought to impede the improvement of specific Scientologists or the Scientology activity.
Among the reasons Scientology doctrines portray Suppressive Folks as a result a hazard is they are likely to make people around them become Potential Trouble Resources (abbreviated PTS). Scientology identifies a PTS as “somebody who is for some reason linked to and being adversely afflicted with a suppressive person. Such one is called a potential trouble source because he can be considered a whole lot of trouble to himself and others.” Hubbard recommended that Potential Trouble Options constitute 17.5% of the populace.

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