Using the Google Display Network for Targeted Traffic

Using the Google Display Network for Targeted Traffic

Up until now we have only covered free methods for promoting your site, such as on- and off-page SEO.

As great as SEO is, there are many ways get traffic. Limiting yourself to only one is short sighted. Today, we’re going to look at pay-per-click traffic and show you how to use Traffic Travis to piggyback on the success of other advertisers.

The tools in Traffic Travis will help you find sites you can advertise on through the Google Display Network — previously known as the Google Content Network. — that are already ranking well for your keywords.

Just imagine being able to tap into highly targeted instant traffic to test and improve your site, find “leaks” in your sales funnel and drive conversions!

Introduction to Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Marketing

Pay-per-click (PPC) marketing is very different from free methods of website promotion like SEO. You need to know what you’re doing before you jump in head first.

The ability to get targeted traffic to your website quickly is phenomenal. However, the flipside is that if you are careless, you risk running a campaign that actually loses you money.

For an excellent introduction to PPC marketing, you should take a look at the PPC lessons at Affilorama. You can unlock all of these by signing up for a free account.

The Google Display Network

If you are a regular Google user, you are probably familiar with a type of Google ad known as “AdWords for Search.”

These ads appear in the search results for many keywords and look like this:

The Google Display Network is different in that it allows you to place advertisements on websites that have chosen to display ads to help monetize their sites.

Anyone who places Google ads on their website is part of this AdSense network.

Here is an example of a website ad on the Google Network:

As you can see, this is not a search results page, but an actual website (about training Labradors), with an ad being displayed for “Labrador Retriever Tips.”

By finding sites that are targeted to your own keywords, you will get much more targeted traffic (and higher conversion rates) than if you advertise on sites that are not related.

Where Traffic Travis Comes In

The problem with running display ads on Google and elsewhere is that you often have to spend a good chunk of your budget trying to find the best-converting sites.

Many marketers just chalk this up as an investment. They don’t see it as losing money but “buying data” that they can use later on in the campaign. And while you’re free to do that, we have a better way!

You can use Traffic Travis to find websites that are already ranking highly for keywords related to your niche. You can advertise on those as part of the Google Display Network. By narrowing your campaign to sites that are already ranking well in your niche, you increase your probability of running a profitable ad campaign.

Finding the Right Sites to Advertise on

First, make sure your site is the active project from within the Traffic Travis Dashboard.

You can change and check this easily from the drop box in the top right corner of Traffic Travis.

Make sure the keywords you are interested in creating ads for are added to the project keywords. In this example, we are going to focus on keywords related to “Labrador retriever training tips” — notice that this keyword is featured in the keywords list below:

Go to “PPC” and then the “AdSense Finder” tool and click “Fetch.” Notice that keywords are present in the keywords search bar.

Traffic Travis then creates a list of websites that display AdSense ads, related to the keywords you picked.

After ordering the results by keyword and scrolling down to “Labrador retriever training tips,” we can see a few potential websites that display relevant ads related to our keyword.

Traffic Travis will also tell you the position of the URL in search results, the PageRank of the site/page, its Alexa rank, and what size ads you can display (under “Ad Info”). You can then visit these sites listed for your keyword and get a feel for the layout of the pages — and whether they would encourage visitors to click on the ads you have placed.

Some things make for a good page layout. Read this Google Adsense guide to get some interesting perspective on what makes good page layouts for getting visitors to click on ads. The more of these criteria your potential sites (identified in Traffic Travis) meet, the better.

Getting Your Ads on These Sites

There are entire websites, books and courses devoted to mastering content advertising on Google’s network, so it’s impossible to condense everything you need to know here.

But I don’t want to throw you into the deep end without help. The following guides will give you a solid grounding in the how-to’s of the content network:

Buying traffic can be a bit of an overwhelming process if you are new to Internet marketing. Don’t go in blind, thinking you’ll “learn on the job.”

Instead, make sure you read the resources listed above, look through the guides at Affilorama and make sure you feel comfortable before diving into PPC advertising.

Tip: Building a Relationship With Your Advertising Partners

Let’s say you’ve used Traffic Travis to find potential sites to place ads on in the Google Display Network. Rather than just being content with the ads you pay for, you should try building a relationship with the websites you advertise on.

Contact the webmasters/owners and tell them that you have been placing ads on their sites, and then ask if they would be interested in exchanging links (which will help to build free traffic to your website). Even better than this would be offering to do a guest article for their website or blog.

Another thing to consider with PPC marketing on the Google Display Network is building brand exposure. Because you have the ability to place image ads with Google’s Display Network, you can use your logo in an ad to spread awareness of your brand and website across the web.

This goes deeper than just getting traffic to your site — if you can become known in your niche you will be building trust before people even visit your site.

At the end of the day, PPC advertising can be super-effective if you plan properly, do your research, and keep your eye on the ball.

Traffic Travis allows you to find potential sites that are highly targeted to your offer and website.

You can then advertise on these websites using the Google Display Network. Done right, this will bring you a better return for every advertising dollar that you spend.

In the next newsletter, we’ll look at some alternative sources of paid traffic that go beyond Google, so stay tuned.

Wishing you every success, until next time,
Traffic Travis

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