Many of Fless students believe consulting is a stepping-stone to an entrepreneurial career. Today I examine this belief based on my experience and that of my friends – fellow McKinsey alums.

00:18 3 important skills I’ve learned in management consulting
00:22 #1 getting things done
00:59 #2 reaching out to people
01:59 #3 confidence

03:25 3 consulting traits that hurt
03:47 #1 trying to avoid dirty work
04:25 #2 managing people like robots
05:30 #3 glamorous lifestyle

06:08 3 things I had to learn on top of the consulting toolkit
06:21 #1 marketing
06:54 #2 being ok with risk
07:42 #3 responsibility for business results

09:05 Other places to get useful entrepreneurial experience
10:18 Closing thoughts

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