so have you ever been watching one of those nature shows you’re not two animals going at it they’re fighting over a mate they’re fighting over food they’re fighting over a scarce resource and one of them knocks the other one over emerges as the victor and you sit back you’re like I turn off the television I am so happy that us human beings are not like this at all we are just logical and we don’t fight like that guys if you live if you really believe that you are delusional because in this world we have scarce resources and there is a lot of competition for amazing jobs at amazing companies you can bet there were going to be a lot of people going after that job for a beautiful woman you can bet there are a lot of men vying for her attention if you are a business owner and you want to great get amazing customers customers that will simply open up their wallets and trust you with their business understand those are few and far between and you’re going to be fighting you’re going to be competing for them in this video gentlemen I’m gonna give you five tips on how to outshine your competition [Music] now gentlemen these five tips on how to outshine your competition this can apply to your personal life it can apply to your business life I’m going to take examples from both but hopefully you can use this information to end up on top tip number one to outshine your competition is to consistently perform at a high level let’s start this off with an experiment I’m going to bring up an image right here guys what do you notice what do you fixate on if you’re a dad kind of like me you may focus on that F and that’s natural human beings naturally focusing on the negative but what you may not have noticed is that he had actually for a pluses and if you do the average there what that’s about a b-plus but the thing is we focus in on the negative understand that it’s better for you to have good consistent results then have amazing amazing failure amazing amazing do you see the difference and if you actually have you know eat all those Amazings are not going to make up for that failed performance there was a study out of Yale University and this was back early days to Amazon they noted that it took five five-star reviews to offset a single one-star review and that that one-star would plague the product or the book for a long time and it took a lot to overcome that now understand that that is the same in our relationships same in our business dealings you’ve got to really be careful of that up and down results because people prize consistency they don’t always prize actually you know even though if you try to make it up with great results if you’ve got that negative they will focus in on it tip number two to outshine your competition do not betray expectations so back when I was getting my MBA at Texas I had a friend he applied to work with Apple he wanted to be an executive this was his dream job this is one of the smartest guys I’ve ever known and when he came out of that interview I felt so bad for because I looked at him and he had a wrinkled suit it was off-color he had scruffed up shoes and I knew he wasn’t going to get a second interview he didn’t get a second interview he never got the job and to this day I know that it’s because he betrayed the expectations of that interviewer of what high level exec looks like so guys focus in on the image or sending especially with all the details your shoes your watch your access now speaking of accessories okay so when you look at this bag right here beautiful right elegant who would you imagine would carry an accessory like this if you saw a man in a suit or maybe in a sports jacket carrying a bag like this what would you think of them maybe a high-level lawyer maybe an up-and-coming consultant guys I don’t know but I do know a bag like this sends a message it sends the message of success and by the way you can grab this bag over here at jail Roker I worked with them specifically to design this bag for you guys because I saw some other bags out there and they were over $1,000 this bag I can tell you is half of that plus I’ve got the RM RS discount for you guys I can’t talk about this discount I can’t tell you that jose-luis over at jail Roca is making these bags basically by order we’re testing it out we’ve also got it in black so depending on what you i’ve got the two prototypes right here i can tell you these bags are beautiful they’re elegant they’re timeless so imagine you’re walking in with one of these bags and your boss notices he starts to talk to you maybe this is a boss that you know what your boss is boss you talked to this guy maybe once a month all of a sudden you’re talking about the history of you know that these come out of Lyon Mexico just start talking with the jungle that’s how opportunity pops up because the next thing you know you’re invited to an event next week in which he says you know I’ve been wanting to hear more about your team and what you guys are working on that is how opportunity happens when you look like success then all of a sudden you can open your mouth and you can talk with people who you can show how successful you are tip number three is take the initiative I can tell you that initiative is hard to find in employees or just people in general even a lot of business owners don’t have much initiative you need to have the initiative to see a problem and just go out there and fix it I’m not talking about spending 20 hours or eight hours or even a huge amount of time on solving the problem but it is something that hey if it’s a small thing well stop and fix it now the key with taking the initiative is also especially in a workplace where there’s a lot of politics and you need want to make sure that you get recognized for this is to actually have others know that you do this so I find that a great tactic for doing this is actually after you take the initiative to maybe solve that bug in the program brief your boss on what happened why you did it and just that you want to keep them in the loop now you’re just FYI and informing people of what happened you’re not trying to take credit for it or you’re not but you are clearly showing that you took the initiative to solve the problem and that guys is going to get you promoted it’s going to help you stand out in a field of people that are just happy sitting back and letting ya just letting problems build up tip number four to outshine your competition is to communicate effectively and efficiently two key words there so a lot of people talk but very few people actually really get their point across and many people are talked to but very few people actually listen make sure whenever you are speaking that the people you engage with actually understand and really get the point and when you’re listening to others make sure that you are listening and you get it and you understand it seems so simple I know some of you guys think Antonio come on that seems obvious well so many of us when we’re when people or other people are talking we’re actually just waiting to be able to say what we want to say we’re not even really listening a good exercise that I would invite many of you guys to try is to actually try to repeat back and to summarize the points of what the person just said to really make sure this is key at work often times things are misconstrued in an email if you get an email and you’re wondering about the tone or what’s really going on will actually take the time to understand that some people prefer text they prefer phone calls they prefer in-person make sure though on communication that you are known as a great communicator and I think that you know it’s it’s something that is oftentimes forgot but is incredibly important finally guys tip number five to outshine your competition is no excuses don’t try to make up excuses even when it’s not your fault now I’m not saying that you need to take the fall you need to take the blame but you may want to just say you know I don’t know whose fault it is I don’t know who did that but the buck stops here guys we’re going to solve it we’re going to fix and when you know people are amazed when somebody actually says it says something like that or if it was your fault what you do when you have a no excuse rule is that people realize basically you’re dependable you’re going to be straight up you’re going to be honest and honesty in personal relationships and business is actually pretty rare nowadays all right gentlemen so that’s it hopefully you enjoyed the video and go check out JL Roca I’ve got a few other bags there that I’ve helped them design we’ve got this bucket bag a very not I really like this bucket bag I thought it would just be a high end maybe athletic bag maybe something that you could throw your schoolbooks into for those of you that have just been looking for something that’s a little bit more manly than a tote I thought this bucket bag was a really cool design and something that’s again the discount you can use on this bucket bag as well but I think for many of you guys these beautiful briefcases are going to be something that if you’re going back to school if you’re going back to get your MBA if you are starting a new job you want to have something and this is the type of bag that you will be able to pass on to your kids type of bag that is going to get better with time and with age and I know Jose Louise I know the factory where they make this stuff I can tell you that they stand behind their product and this is right now with the discount and the current price because they are basically building these to order you’re not going to find a better deal out there for yeah this is this is a deal I definitely would jump on if you’re in the market other than that guys I’ll see you in the next video take care bye bye [Music]


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