Hello i’m jennifer whitt director of projectmanager.com well welcome to our whiteboard session today on how to multitask as a project manager so you hear that term a lot there’s a lot of controversy over it can we really do it can’t we do it who knows the fact is we try to do it so here’s what it looks like here’s what my day looks like sometimes it starts out I’m on the treadmill in the morning trying to catch up with the latest of the news talking on my cell phone probably trying to get in a text and read my email at the same time sometimes it may look like I’m at my desk on the phone maybe watching a webinar trying to do a web meeting maybe try to sneak in some emails at the same time maybe I’m on the way to the airport so I’m on the road about to get into a cab and I’m trying to get that last phone call in maybe send some texts and emails and I know you can relate to based on some of the calls that I get from people so here’s where multitasking darat was derived from it was derived initially from computer multitasking so someone got the bright idea wow if we can get our computers to multitask can’t we get our humans to do it too well we try and there’s some problems with that so what happens is we’re shifting our focus back and forth back and forth on things that we’re trying to do at the same time or concurrently the best we can and what happens is there insufficient attention which leads to errors which leads to ultimately time wasted the reason we’re trying to do it is to gain time but in essence sometimes we can waste time so as a project manager in essence what we’re trying to do is we’re trying to do we’re trying to get more done in less time it’s actually study by Stanford University on the qualities that companies seek in promoting to leadership roles and so this is one of the key qualities and it’s a great study they talk about it so leadership skilled it’s kind of like project management it’s a skill that maybe you might not have originally but you can develop this skill or so the research says so when we talk about it from a reference of project management or a project manager again you may use term divide and conquer so there’s a lot of research that you can go look up there’s a lot that you can find on the web there even courses taught on this but to give some high-level pointers on this what we’re trying to do again is divide and conquer so how do we do that is a project manager we identify work needs to what work needs to be done and when and then what we do is we try to enroll others on our teams trying to find other people who can assist us get to get work done they’re meant for instance either project manager I know I’m on the road a lot I travel a lot so try to find things that I can offload or I can delegate to other strategic team members on my team or other vendor partners who have the skillsets the know-how and they know how to do it so they can help me do it so identify what needs to be done and when enroll those other people to help set schedules and milestones of when things need to be done and then follow up with people how are you doing how is it going do you have any roadblocks do you eat any assistance getting done in supporting them along the way so if they’re offloading things from you then you can ask how you can support them along the way so again multitasking can be again there’s a lot around it is trying to determine if we can or cannot do it successfully but I think when we talk about divide and conquer and trying to get more done in less time these are just a few pointers that we can do that can help us as a project manager because it isn’t in truth we are trying to get so many things done these are some of the things that helped me when my day looks like this and I’m trying to get to the airport but get things done along the way and I hope they’ll help you too if you’re looking for a tool that can help you multitask as a project manager then sign up for our software now at projectmanager.com


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