Winning the war against ‘Suicide’- A chat with Simi

Can we meet you, sir?

I am Ajibola S.B Mosimileaoluwa, am from Oyo state and I stay in Lagos Nigeria, I have B.A in accounting and finance, am a motivational speaker and also a life coach…

What is your definition of suicide?

Suicide can be defined as the act of someone hating him or herself.

Of all the happenings in Nigeria lately, Can you pinpoint the major cause of suicide in Nigeria?

A whole lot of people do think Nigeria economic can’t be better, our standard of living it’s not up to standard compared to other developing and developed country, as citizens of this great nation we don’t have any benefit from our own country, this things are frustrating

Why is the rate of suicide so great this time?

A whole lot of people just think killing themselves is the best thing to do and most of this people don’t really know who they are
I believe that why this suicide is so great this time it’s because our lord Jesus said when his coming his near well would be seeing a whole lot of signs and with this, we will know that his coming his close.

Do you believe that suicide attempt or suicide itself is spiritual than physical?

I think it’s spiritual because no matter how worst it may be no one really want to kill themselves, I head that there is a number that does call people and ask them to go kill themselves, and that’s spiritual, in the kingdom we belong to, killing ourselves is not the next to do.

Can we pass the blame around?


We all have choice to make no one is to be blame, not pastor, not our funny leader’s, or our environment, it’s our choice

Winning the war against 'Suicide'


How can we stop this ugly trend?

Nigerians should know that this great nation is the Lord, I believe and I know in Africa Nigeria is the Lord, God love this nation so much,

Any advice for Nigerians?

Nigerians should know that God knows all we’re facing and he’s up to something for us his beloved

What are you up to now?

I am up to teaching and helping Nigerians that I come across true help of God

Thanks for your time!


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