Getting The Best Free Targeted Traffic For Your Business- 3 Step Guide

I found out lately that targetted traffic is one of the most important skills that any marketer should learn to have. It doesn’t matter what business model you choose to do online if you can’t get the right traffic for your business to boost sales, you’re doomed to failure.
So let us have a ride and let me share with you 3 methods that I and many other online entrepreneurs like to use over and over again to get new subscribers…

Method #1 – Forum Marketing

This is straight forward and so easy to do. A good place to start is in the Warrior Forum. 
 Start by posting useful replies in other threads. You don’t have to be an expert at any particular subject, just share your opinions and honesty with others.
 When you create an account you’ll get a chance to add your own signature and link.
Add something like “Struggling To Make Money Online? Download This Profit Making Guide For FREE – http://www…”, or “Still Paying For Content Marketing Training? Why Not Get Them For FREE –
http://www….” and socialize with others.
The threads at the top get the most views and older threads get pushed down the page so it’s worth to posting every now and again to keep the traffic flow going. The more you get involved, the more your posts will show up along with your signature link. spamming is not an option as it will clearly show and get you banned. 
Once you’ve made several replies, you’ll be able to start a new thread of your own and direct people to your great free resource (Landing page)!

 Method #2 – Blog Post Comments

 Again this is really easy to do. Just like forum marketing, you simply reply to a blog post related to your subject.
 Most blogs allow you to leave a URL so read the blog post so you can make an intelligent comment. A simple search for ‘make money blog’ on Google will bring back the most popular blogs – ones which get a lot of traffic and ones you should be socializing and making comments in!
These are some of the easier traffic methods to apply yet are still overlooked by many marketers. You want to be where all the social activity is happening and you want to in forums related to your niche.
 From there you can interact, help others and leave a link back to your website or landing page. This is the essence of getting traffic.


Method #3 – Email Signature

Since you’ve already got your own forum signature, why not copy that into your email signature?
 Every time you email someone, friends, colleagues, social network sites and so on, you’ll have a link right after your
email which will spark some curiosity.
It doesn’t take long to add and can continue to bring in new subscribers even when you’ve long forgotten about it!
As you put to practice, this 3 powerful traffic pulling tips, Your business will record a boom and you increase your ROI in no time.


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