Are you a friend to your Ex? do you talk

often? Are you always chatting, Meeting

up, etc? If the answer is yes to any of

these questions then the man or woman you call Ex is not.

You can’t be friends with your Ex, and this

particular topic is causing a lot of

mayhem in many relationships; one

spouse is comfortable talking to the ex,

while the other wonders ‘what at all do they talk about’? Why did they let that

relationship go? Their response is, ‘I can’t

hate my Ex, he or she is just a friend’.


Love usually starts from being strangers,

to friends, then lovers. Anytime the love is

over, you get back to your default status which is strangers who are familiar; not

enemies and it doesn’t mean you hate

your Ex.


Familiar in the sense of what we once

had or shared, but the relationship,

feelings and what we once shared is dead. What is left in the archives is

history. Because we are no longer

together, there is nothing to talk about or

celebrate for we have learnt our lessons

and moved on.


No matter how good a medicine or drug is it can only work best before death, but

after death nothing can be cured. It is

same with relationships. Love is possible

after friendship but friendship is not

possible after love.


The only time friendship is possible after love is when love is still present and not

gone at all. The only time medicine can

cure is when death has not occurred; if

the medicine still works then one is not

dead yet or just pretending to be dead.


Being an Ex means thank you for your time, relationship, love, experience,

memories. We are done and have moved

on. This is why you need all the time to

examine your relationship and be sure if

you need some space to think things over

or really want to end it. If you don’t do this process right, you always cause

trouble for your next relationship.


It even has the power to spark cheating,

insecurity or even end your new

relationship prematurely. When there are

unresolved conflicts, lack of affection and satisfaction, one is tempted to go back to

the Ex. Anytime something goes wrong,

you are quick to compare your

relationship with what you had with your Ex.

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Since attention breeds affections, constant communication with your ex can

start a relationship you never planned.


Again, talking to your Ex can most at

times bring back some memories which

can send you back into each other’s arms.

Never make your partner feel insecure if you really love them and want to be with

them. Make them your only one, not your

number one with the Ex on the bench

waiting for an opportunity to correct their

mistakes or win your love.


If you can lose someone you never dreamt of losing which is your Ex, please replace

them with someone you never dreamt of

having and stick to them by choice

A word is enough for the wise!!!

So stop fooling yourself.

Emmanuel Ekanem

Emmanuel Ekanem is a Freelance Writer and Blogger, I blog about the Tech niche(blogging tips), i can help you fix up and have your blog running. I have also been featured on Top Websites like NAIJ, Maverick Excel and NigeriaToday.

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