10 Commandments of Landing Pages That Work 2

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6. Thou shalt not kill

Thou shalt not kill thy visitor’s interest with boring copy. Thy copy shall flow like a river unto the sea, carrying thy visitor along in the gentle current of thy persuasions to the port of goal completion.
Thou shalt not kill thy visitor’s trust with unbelievable claims. Thy claims shalt have proof, and trust marks, and yea, testimonials and demonstrations sufficient to support and prove thy demonstrations beyond faith and suspicion. By this ye shall overcome all objections and prosper.
Thou shalt not kill thine integrity with suspicious associates, nor thy reputation through excessive returns and unresolved support issues

7. Thou shalt not adulterate thy premise

Thou shalt not adulterate thy premise nor offer by dabbling in external irrelevancies, but shall remain faithful to the visitor and goal throughout thy prose and yea, unto the end of thy landing page shall it serve thee.

Maketh thee no mark upon thy page that doth not contribute towards thy goal.

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8. Thou shalt not steal

Thou shalt not steal thy visitor’s attention, time, coin, and bandwidth, but shall inform, educate, and persuade only after receiving consent and permission.
Thy shalt deliver value in all things, and thou shalt not engage in any activity of scam nor spam, nor even the appearance thereof.
Collect ye no information unnecessarily, for each such imposition burdens thy visitor with doubt and fear.


9. Thou shalt not bear false witness

Thou shalt always speak the truth about thy product, thine offer, thy
guarantee, and thy competitors.
Thou shalt not bear false witness in any event, for surely thine integrity is
worth more than gold. And if it be not so, remove thyself from the Internet.

10. Thou shalt not covet

Thou shalt not covet thy visitor’s cash, nor his credit card, nor his email address, nor his phone number, nor anything that is thy visitor’s.
Thou shalt provide value in fair exchange, and in all things eschew deceitful schemes and trickery.

Love thy customer
Thou shalt love thy customer as thyself, and for all thy days shall ye serve him in gladness.
Go ye forth now and take heed of these Commandments.
Honor them on all pages. Disregard them at thy peril.


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