The 10 Commandments of Landing Pages That Work

by Steven Lowe
In the dark and ancient days of digital yellow highlighters and outrageous claims, a cry rang out over the mountains — a cry for sanity, integrity, and beauty.
There came forth from the mountain 10 commandments to guide a certain tribe of Internet publishers in all their conversion endeavors: the landing page would no longer be a desert of confusion and bad taste. Its goal would now shift to the ethical and neighborly persuasion of the prospect to take their desired action.

These are 10 Commandments of Landing Pages That Work.

Bind them to your mind, let them flow through your pen …
1. Thy landing page shalt have but one goal

Thy landing page shalt have but one goal, and the number of the goals shall be one. Not two, not zero, but one.
If thy landing page hath zero goals, it is a “branding” page, and such vanities
shall bear no fruit.

If thy landing page hath more than one goal, thou shalt confuse thy visitor, who shall leave thy site in disgust and anger.
Thy copy shalt not be divided amongst more than one goal, for such shall surely drive thy visitor to lamentation and thy copywriter to madness.

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2. Thou shalt not litter thy landing page with false imagery

Thou shalt not litter thy landing pages with false images nor unnecessary imagery, but only that which is gainful and relevant.
Let not a cute kitten, playful puppy, happy child, nor LOLcats appear except as and when they shalt be — in context — perceived as deeply relevant and meaningful.

Neither shalt thy litter thy prose with false imagery nor “creative” allusions that
might leadeth thy visitor from the path of righteous goal completion. Neither shalt thee fail to disclose thine affiliations, lest the FTC rain down upon thee like a plague of locusts.

3. Thou shalt not take the name of an authority in vain

Thou shalt not take the name of an authority in vain, for such false endorsements shall land thee in the court of man forthwith.
Further, thou shalt honor thine own name by keeping thy promises, in headline, subhead, graphic, offer, delivery, and guarantee, that thy days on the Internet shall be boundless and fruitful, and thy reputation pure.

4. Honor thy whitespace

Remember thy whitespace, to keep thy landing page scannable and readable. For thy visitor doth not read in earnest, nay, preferring to skim and skip and scan.
So break up thy text, and include ye in all things subheaders and bullet points and simple sentences anon, so thy visitor may find succor in thy text.

5. Honor thy host, bandwidth, and client

Honor thy web host, thy bandwidth, and thy client, that thy load times shalt not be excessive and the patience of thy visitor shalt not be exhausted.
For thy visitor is Busy and Impatient, and hath not time to waste waiting for thy site to load.
But yea, if thy page doth load quickly, thy visitor may tarry and thy bounce
rate shalt surely dwindle.

To Be Continued in our Subsequent Post!

Stay Tuned!!!


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