Author: Victor Ayodele

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The first temptation to Jesus Christ in the wilderness seems to be a common experience of every man.Figuratively speaking,there seems to be an hunger in man that despite the spiritual exercise embarked on or one’s spiritual maturity,it does not disappear.

Such an hunger that makes man feels to due if not satisfied.A type of hunger Esau felt which made him sell his birthright (Gen.25:30-34) is sexual hunger/sexual urge. A man who does not experience this hunger or urge could be deemed as abnormal.

I have heard comments by some wives about their husbands asking whether sex is food to them.Little did they know about the hunger man feels at the sight or contact with women.

Notwithstanding,every man needs to abide by the word of God to overcome this inevitable hunger.For it is written,’man shall not live by bread(food) alone but by every word that proceed out of the mouth of God.’ (Matt.4:4).

To a man,sex is food meant to satisfy his urges and or gives him great fulfilment.However,the Lord provides the worthwhile food man should live by: the word of God.The word of God is food indeed;it satisfies the longing soul.It gives life.(John 6:35)

You may say sex(food) is made for the body and the body for sex (food) (1Cor.6:13).You need to agree with the wisdom of God,your body is not intended for sexual immorality but for the Lord and the Lord for your body.God shall destroy both the food (sex) and the body at the end of age (1Cor.6:13)

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It may not be the devil in your case, this time, that is commanding you to convert stones(ladies) to bread (food).It could be your emotions,feelings,hormones,infatuation,interest or inordinate affection that is actually pushing you to turn the stones (ladies) which are intended to be cornerstones (pillars) of God’s building (Ps.144:12b) to bread (food) for your own personal consumption.

Beware! lest God’s judgement come on you suddenly (1Cor.3:17a).Dare to be like Hege (Esther 2:3),king Ahasuerus’ eunuch, who was trusted with virgins and would not defile them nor divert their attention or affection to himself.Dare to be like our Lord Jesus Christ who chose to remain hungry than convert stones to bread (Matt.4:1-4)


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