What Everybody Should Know About Waking Up Early

What Everybody Should Know About Waking Up Early

It is no longer a news that Most Successful persons in the World are early risers. I found that to be nothing far from the truth. Waking up early for some is a herculean task that requires consistency and determination to achieve.

Some people see waking up as early as 4:30am a bit discomforting which (i must confess) has been my an impossible task while i was growing up! I got to realize not too long ago that waking up early is key to improve productivity.

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Hence, Below are the facts about Waking Up Early! Let’s rev the wheel:

In Waking Up Early, You don’t need to be Sleepless

An Old adage says that ‘Early to Bed is Early to Rise’. This is really true as being an early riser should not make you loose any bit of your sleep circle. To wake up early, You must cultivate a habit of Sleep very early enough, this will help you to still maintain at least the recommended 7 hours of sleep needed for health and neural vitality. I believe strongly that an healthy life is attached to sleeping well

Get Rid of the Obstacle:

There are activities we engage in too often and it keeps us awake, eating up our valuable sleep time. We must made deliberate attempts to curb this excess and if possible get rid of them totally. Watching TV, Chatting With Friends, Excessive Phone Conversations that bite hard on our sleep should be reduce to have a better sleep and become an early riser.

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Be Deliberate, Consistent and Find Support along the the path to being an early riser

Psychologist believe generally that you do consistently for 21 days will become a habit finding a place in your subconscious. In Becoming an early riser, you need to be make a deliberate decision to be consistent and disciplined in your approach. You need to find support from people who can help you monitor your progress, celebrate your success and point out your failures without much sentiment. It is also advisable to stop using the alarm ‘snooze’ to postpone your wake up time. This deprives you of your real progress.

The Benefits of Waking Early is Innumerable

I will try as much as i can to list the all important but rarely noticed benefits of Waking up early. They include:

  • You have more working Time: Research as shown that early risers are highly productive people! Have you wondered why? The reason is because they have on average 2-3 extra hours to out into their work, hence increase there productivity, adds value to them and of course earns them more prestige, influence and MONEY!
  • You can do the most distracting work when you wake up early: The best time to pray, think, reflect and get inspired for the tasks of the day is the early morning, between 4:30am-6:00am. Do you have a difficult problems to solve? do well to wake up early. Give it a trial. You will marvel at the solution you will get. I use my very early hour after my prayers and meditations to read and respond to my mails, update my status on social media and do all that can distract me during the busy hours ahead. Will you join us?
  • You appreciate Mother Nature: I love to see when the sun rises. what a beautiful thing to do early in the morning. You appreciate that which Mother Earth has been endowed with. Watching flowers, pets, trees waking up also with much vigor will put a smile on your face and give you up to find hope and joy for the day.

Your productivity, influence and capacity is increase astronomically as you make a decision to join the early risers. Being an early riser requires patience, commitment, discipline, a few risks and failures which will in a short time lead you to a successful life.



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