6 Funny but True Facts you need to know about Toddlers’ Development Years

6 Funny but True Facts you need to know about Toddler’s Development Years

The alterations that happen to a child between your age range of about one year and three or four years, the years that can reasonably be referred to as ‘the toddler years’, are enormous.

During that time:

  • Children go from immobility–many do not crawl or move until more than a year old–to participating in around, climbing, skipping and so on. Their low motor skills change and develop hugely.
  • Their fine motor skills also develop. They go from infants who want to keep a spoon but aren’t do much with it into children who can draw, paint, make thing a into place b.
  • They develop the cabability to use language, in both presentation and understanding.
  • They learn to understand cause and impact, which may cause several hours spent turning on and off a light-weight, or hitting buttons over a computerised toy to make a certain noise, and which also brings about ‘trial-and-error’ learning.
  • They will learn to notice other people and children, first through side-by-side play, and then later through genuine discussion. They learn to recognize that activities get reactions, and may do things to make men and women laugh–or shout and get cross.
  • As part of noticing other folks, they understand that they are someone.

However much you want your toddler to understand what you are saying, they are typically incompetent at processing large quantities of information.

It can be, therefore, not worth spending any length of time talking about behaviour with them.

That they just will never be able to take it in.

Tips for Effective Parenting

By the same time as all this change, little ones are also mindful of the adult world, and what adults are capable of doing. This, for many children, is hugely annoying. They really know what they want to do, but their developing skills are not yet sufficient, and many do not have enough language to describe the condition to an adult, either.

It is, perhaps, not surprising that the young child years are renowned for playing pranks.

The earth, for toddlers, must be very confusing, surprising and aggravating much of the time. As the parent of a toddler, it is worth bearing this at heart as much as you can. It can help you to understand some of their difficulties and issues, and be more tolerable and understanding parents.

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