Communication Cry!

A layman once defined communication as the process of expression of one’s thoughts and feelings to another person. I strongly buy into the definition. I see communication beyond expression, i see communication as an exchange. For communication to be complete there must be a chain process that must occur from the communication source to the receiver and vice versa. (sorry, i don’t want to bore you with the science of communication)

One of the vital part of team building and Networking is Communication. I dare say with all sense of purpose that an organization that does not pay much attention to its communication process is a disaster waiting to happen soon.

70% of conflicts that arises in any establishment is directly linked to improper or uncoordinated information flow path. Bosses get infuriated because a subordinate jumps protocol and the friction becomes worse if the boss has not master the act of making a point without raising a dust.

Deadlines are to be met by team members in an organization. It will take a Team leader who has mastered the art of communicating effectively to rev the engine of the team to greater exploit.

Communicating effectively requires courage, determination, its skill acquisition and of course constant practice. Making your voice be heard politely without sentiment will sure endear you to others. Expression of your thoughts, ideas and prowess effectively lies in your constant practice of  communication skills.

It is often said that word spoken rashly can bring out sword from its sheathe and a word softly spoken can pacify a devil. The Holy writ corroborate this by saying that he that has learnt to tame his tongue can master his life. Our words should be of a building up and not of the uprooting. Your team member should be able to depend on you and salute your courage and pride in communicating effectively.

This is a cry from the corporate world that men would change the course of history by communicating their thoughts. We need men like Winston Churchill, Martin Luther King Junior, Nelson Mandela and other great public figure that has determine the scheme of things in their world.

This is the cry from corporate world to the Ecclesiastes. Will you avail your self? We depend on you! Make a move. Communicate Well!

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