Attitudinal Cry? What is attitude?

Attitude, as a school of thought has said, determines the Altitude of a man. This saying applies to team building, start-ups and the Fortune 500s. Our Attitudinal response as an individual to work will in no small way have impart on the overall progress in one’s career and life goal.

Attitude reflect many often than not your composition on the inside. You cannot tell others you love them. when you flare up at any slight provocation. I can easily tell who you are simply by looking closely at your disposition to issues.

Attitude can either be positive or negative. They both have feedback that shapens the final outcome of choice making!

People know a hardworking team member by the positive attitude he shows even when the team is in an impasse.

According to an article on, 4 characteristics of attitude were higlighted as it relates to employee loyalty to a team. They are:

  1. Acceptability:

    Acceptance – An employee that is engaged with their managers, co-workers, and leaders will feel accepted and will remain loyal to the company.

    An employee that is capable of accepting his failure along the line of duty, moving forward in a creative way will sure process the mistake in an healthy manner and of course do exploit for his team. A team member who shows a negative attitude towards failure will soon get frustrated and at last throw in the towel.

  2. Gratitude

Gratitude: An employee showing emotion and expressing appreciation for their work will increase their personal well-being and happiness by doing so.  The employee will show strong levels of energy, optimism, and empathy towards others within the organization.

The ‘Thank You’ word is one of the most powerful words any team member will always expect to hear. A pat at the pack, a hint of appreciation goes a long way in increasing ones productivity as an employee and employer as well. Developing the gratitude culture will in no time put an organization whether secular or spiritual in the limelight.

3, Optimism

Optimism – The employee will accomplish allot in a very short period of time and will speak in active voice throughout their working day.

I consider any organization fortunate if they have on their team 60% optimistic team member on board. Optimists have the ability to push forward any given task, project or responsibility placed on them even in the face of challenges. I have come to understand that an optimistic attitude has a domino effect on the overall image of the establishment.

4. Resilience

Resilience – “The human capacity for burden is like bamboo- far more flexible than you’d ever believe at first glance.” You will want to watch for flexibility within the employee.

A resilient person is like a rubber band which bounce back to its original position after a measure of force as been applied on it.

Resilient people remain loyal at all times as they exhibit the following:

  •  Strong Sense of Purpose
  • Utilize Sound Problem-Solving Strategies
  • Good Sense of Humor
  • Maintains a Healthy Lifestyle
  • Healthy Sense of Control

The Corporate world is really in need of people who have positive attitudes towards their life, work, relationships. We need men who will champion the cause of others, taking the lead in their given path and pushing others forward through their sound judgement and positive disposition to every life challenges.

Will you douse the tension? will you stop this yawning? will you bring comfort to our corporate world through a positive attitude? Yes! I believe you can! We can.

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