I am been privileged to have worked as a team members in several organizations both ecclesiastical as well as secular. I have interacted with people from different backgrounds, beliefs and creeds. I am amazed at the uniqueness of individual, the far reaching yawn for all to reach their full potential.

In the Corporate world as well spiritual. I discovered that there are widen gaps between personality and productivity. These gaps are to be bridged before an establishment can reach its peak of attainment.

These mini series will open you up to the various yawning and sobbing that accompanies every team longing and working tirelessly for success. I trust it to be revealing and impactful as it will give an insight to the fact that all remarkable life achievements in business, team work, academics starts with the man standing in front of the MIRROR (You!).

There is a cry, friend! From Boardroom to Showroom! this yawning is for Change, Impact, Creativity and all this Cries can only be silenced when there is a revelation of what to be done and how to do it!

Stay Tuned!



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