5 Distinct Characteristics of an Innovative Leader

Leaders are always in the highbrow of all. Their lives is no secret and they are not short of struggles and challenges that tend to knock them off balance. Even in the corporate world they have targets to meet. milestones to achieve, toes to step on, decision to make and vision as well purpose to live for.

Some entrepreneurs even get their identity and integrity question by the many management anomaly bedevil their exalted state.

I will be highlighting 5 basic features all leaders that want to move from following the norms to the level of innovation and creativity.

  • Unleash your passionate pursuits.

Every great achievement and advancement made in Life is a product of Passion. It takes someone so passionately possessed with his pursuit to break the jinx. Leaders are to be passionate about their lifelong purpose. Being Obsessed with your passion isn’t a bad idea though.The Almighty Electrical Energy we used today came to bear from a man whose potential could not be drained by varying circumstances around Him. Today we give it to Sir Thomas Edison for his innovations and Inventions.


  • Live with an entrepreneurial spirit.

You will only be recognized, revered and paid by the service you offer to others. that sound awkward right? No. An enterprising Heart is an innovative heart. It doesn’t take a long time for you to be know as you venture into rendering a service built on trust that can make living better. I still amazes me of how competitive our generation has evolved that it takes only those with the entrepreneurial Spirit can ignite the fire for the path of other via their innovations.

  • Work with a generous purpose.

Innovative Leaders are somewhat purposeful. I submit that all leader should have a purpose of existence. General Purpose could be in terms of the core vision of the establishment, the tenet of his faith, and the overall purpose of Humanity which is a right to live a fulfilling Life. An innovative leader is one who works assiduously to ensure that he treat others right, and he seeks to treat others fairly. Working for peaceful coexistence in his neighborhood and doing the very little thin to put smile on faces.

  • Lead to leave a legacy worthy of emulation.

You will only be remember for the Problems you solved or the one you created. It doesn’t take much to leave a legacy. It is doing what you know how to do best continuously.  Being good and doing good, adding value and meaning to other lives. Having a ‘Never A Dull Moment’ attitude will sure pay off. Young ones should be able to look up to you in integrity, purpose and vision.

  • Anticipate the unexpected.

Life at times is not a bed of roses. Ups-and-downs of lives creates way for self evaluation and adventures that tend you to do things that are extraordinary. Anticipating the unexpected does not mean being pessimistic. It is preparing for a negative outcomes that fuels your lifeboat towards greatness.

Our Lives is full of opportunities that can be explored. A little bit of innovation can be an icing on the cake. Do you want to Enjoy Leadership? Embrace Innovative Leadership!



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