Reliable Tips for Blogging Success in 2017

Actionable Tips For Blogging Success in 2017

The new year is still young, and a lot of you (and us) are looking for more blogging success. If you are like us, you are always looking for things to optimize. We have been active in blogging and social media marketing for a couple of years now. And one thing has become very clear: for success, you need to keep your eyes open for new opportunities and best practices, for ideas and better solutions.

We want to start out our blogging year with some actionable tips for you that you can use to get more out of your blogging efforts.
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1. Don’t Wait For Things To Happen – Make them Happen

I still see the dangerous advice: Good Content will automatically rise to the top. That is so far from the truth as it can get. Good content is certainly key to success, but waiting for an audience to magically appear is putting you straight on your path to frustration.

You want success? Then learn how to make it happen. Actively build an audience for your blog or social media channel. If you have a budget, paying for ads can help, but there are a ton of ways to actively spread the word about your blog that you can use without paying for it. If you need some tips to get you started, this article gives you some ideas.

2. Don’t Get Stuck With Bad Hosting

We have been there: We were afraid to change our hosting providers for fear of losing data or something not working as it should and the blog being offline for a while.

In the end, we had no choice: Our website became so slow our customers complained – or left. And Bluehost customer service was not willing or able to find a solution. We moved to Cloudways – and we should have done so much earlier.

If your hosting provider is not providing the website speed and service that your blog needs, don’t stick with them. Move to a better hosting provider, it will save you a lot of frustration and even prevent you from losing customers.

If you are looking for a great hosting provider, you can read here why we chose Cloudways and how easy the switch was.

3. Build a List – Start A Newsletter

I am repeating myself here, but I cannot say it often enough – or rather I did not say it at all, but I keep quoting Neal Patel: Your highest converting traffic channel will be your email list.


And do not think you can buy your way out and use someone else’s list. A bought list will not give you the results that you are seeking.

As a blogger your earned email list can provide you with traffic – and sales. And done right you can use your newsletter to build a relationship with your audience, build trust and sell not once but multiple times to your leads.

4. Utilize Video

Video is one of the most evolving content types right now. Most social networks keep developing the video features, and you get more reach for video content than for a lot of other content forms.

Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat – an even Twitter: They all provide you with a ton of possibilities for different forms of video content. And it does not look as if the video trend is going to be over in the near future.


Image Source Hubspot

5. Optimize Your Website

So you have a blog or website, you produce content, and you get an audience to your content. But somehow your audience does not engage with your content as you would like, they don’t share it, or they do not sign up for your newsletter?

Take a deep breath and a step back and try to view your website as if you are a visitor. Be honest, would you take the action you want your audience to take? Is it well formatted? Do you offer share buttons? Do you use a call-to-action to make people comment or share your content? Can you easily find your signup form? Could you offer something for free in exchange for the email address?

There are endless ways to optimize a blog or website. A blog is never „finished“ you need to evolve with your audience. You need to constantly update and optimize your website according to standards and best practices!

6. Learn About Better Headlines

Have you ever thought about the power of a headline? If your content does not get the results you would expect from the quality of your content, then you should consider putting more effort into your headlines.

Often we use the next best headline that comes to our mind after creating a piece of content. But they deserve more attention. Keep in mind that the headline is what people see in social media or on your blog before they decide whether they click or read on.


Image Source: Quicksprout

David Ogilvy, the famous marketer, recommends spending 80 cents out of every dollar on the headline. And even if you do not want to spend 805 of your content creation on the headline, there are some things you should know about headlines and use when you think up your next headlines: Here is what you need to know!

7. Be Aware of Google’s Preferences and Penalties

Especially when your main traffic source is Google you need to be on the lookout for Google updates. Make sure you know what Google likes or dislikes and optimize your content and website accordingly.

Here is an example: For 2017 Google has announced that they will penalize intrusive interstitials – that are ads, popups, and light boxes. If you are working with these types of elements on your website, make sure you know how and why they may affect your rankings. If you need more information on this Google update, read this article on Search Engine Land!


Image Source: SearchEngineLand


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