The 3 ‘Be’s For 2017

I have heard people say a million times over that ‘people don’t care how much you know but they care to know how much you care for them!’ The beaming year ahead leaves all of us with the choice to live a better life and make impact.
The following tips will help you a great deal ; these are your 3 ‘Be’s for 2017

Be Yourself

You need to come to terms with the fact that no two creature are created the same! Every living entities have a unique attribute that distinguishes it out of others! So are You! You are unique in purpose, program and value compared to your contemporaries.

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You should learn to appreciate yourself; your abilities, physical features, personality and the likes can make you stand out of the pack of card if you will learn to throw away the ‘copycat’ syndrome. The negative effect of low self-esteem is quite enormous that it limits one ability to make new friends, build relationship, take up new life challenges with the aim of winning at the end! Love Yourself, Love your life, Be yourself and live to be your best.

Be an Advocate

The world is in dire need of men who can stand as an advocate, championing good cause for the betterment of the society! You should be dependable and reliable in fighting not only for yourself but for others in things that will better their welfare! In your workplace, group and community, your impact should be felt as an advocate! A vivid example is standing for the cause of the girl child, climate change and energy conservation, corrupt free society etc. Your impact will be needed!

Be a Lover

Love covers multitude of sin says the Holy book! The cruel of all on the face of the earth cannot resist the power of love! Love heals, gives, beautifies and add value to others. Being a lover in this sense is an agape kind of lover. Loving others without any string attached. You will sure shine in 2017 as love will surely be reciprocated back to you! What a man sows will he reap!
Make a decision today To be Yourself, An Advocate and a Lover come 2017. The sky is surely your stepping stone!
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