Be Proactive, Not Reactive!

Good day friend! I want to believe that you are making a commitment to be positive at all time come next year! Your resolution shall be strengthened!

One of the reason why an individual or a group of people rigmarole at a certain point is but for the fact that they have develop be habit to be reactive and not proactive!

Being proactive is a state of being responsive before an unpleasant event occurs, it is taking the bull by the horn and not giving the chance for loopholes that may lead to mayhem or disaster. Being reactive on the other hand is responding rashly to events that occur that may be out of expectation as a result of one’s nonchalance.

Truth be told, you pay more by being Reactive as you are drained of your emotional vibrancy as reactivity tickers with your cool spot, increase your overall ‘entropy’ leading to anger, worry, stress and the likes! Furthermore, you spend more in repairing the damages caused by you not being proactive!

If you are in a position of leading and serving others, it is an obligation to forced and be proactive as this gives you a thumb up from those you lead over! You spend less time, money, resources when you make being proactive your routine! You avert loss of lives, assets, resources and you champion the course of your organization to attaining the desired milestone for the year!

I cannot overemphasis the numerous advantages that being proactive in relationships and marriage can afford you! Being proactive as a partner or a spouse shows that you care about the minute details of your partner. It shows your spouse that you are reliable and dependable! Being reactive will only widen the gap in a relationship! Our contemporary society have suffered major setback as we have seen and heard of promising relationship that has hit the rock as a result of  partners being reactive

Friend, A proactive man is a visionary, trustworthy and reliable! Choose to be one of us as year 2017 beckons on us! Your Team has your back and God does too!

Have a nice day!

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